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Ruby on Rails and Elixir development company

We are a team of highly qualified engineers specialised in custom development and dedicated teams services. And we are big funs of Ruby on Rails and Elixir.

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About Us

We are a team of software development experts focused on solving our clients business needs by delivering robust web applications.

Our specialists can take care of all stages of your application development: from codebase to deployment to production.

Since foundation in June 2017 we have successfully completed more than 10 projects and made happy 7 clients. Our current major clients are fast growing startups headquartered in New York, USA.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We look forward to building your awesome project together!

What clients say about our team


Sebastian Broways

Head of Product, Cofounder of Mastermind Manager
Slava has been one of the most excellent individuals with which I've had the opportunity to work. Not only is he a competent developer, what makes Slava so great to work with is all the other intangibles. His willingness to jump on any project. His thoughtfulness about what would make the product better and business successful. He's both a capable leader and developer. Whatever project you bring him in on, he will make you feel like he's a partner. He has a great attitude and I hope we will continue to work together for years to come. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you should jump on it.

Bryan Woods

Rhino Labs, Co-Founder & CTO
Slava is far and away one of the strongest engineers I've ever had the chance to work with in my 15+ years of building software products and teams. He is a thoughtful, skilled software engineer and contributor. He asks all the right questions to thoughtfully build systems not just to spec, but for the future of the business, ensuring that code quality remains high and that the projects can continued to be iterated on rapidly well into the future. He's been working for us for more than three years now, and I look forward to continuing to work with him for as long as he'll have us!

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